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25 days of holiday memes

At last, it’s the holidays and whether you’re already exhausted, excited, or both, heaven knows we all need a good laugh. After all, a laugh a day keeps the hectic holiday stress (at least some of it) away; think advent calendar for jokes. Here are the 25 days of holiday memes. 

  1. Huh. What could it be?
holiday meme

It’s definitely a dog.

  1. Calm down, Darth.

Some people take their decorations a little too seriously.  

  1. Michael emerges from his cave.
holiday meme

Ah, the majestic creature awakens just in time.

  1. Christmas purge

It’s not safe out there. There’s merriment afoot.

  1. Baby, it’s Covid outside
holiday meme

Very good reasoning you two; Tis’ the Covid season, as well.

  1. Can I get you anything?

Classic Griswald Hospitality

  1. When your relatives argue on Christmas
holiday meme

Sorry, bro. I didn’t pick ’em.

  1. Christmas tips

It’s like coal, but better.

  1. Look at what the dog did!

Wait a sec. We don’t have a dog…

  1. A Very Snoop Dog Christmas

The version your kids haven’t read.

  1. Christmas decorating level: Advanced

Santa would be pleased.

  1. Grinch Parenting 101

Santa? Yes, hi. No need to bring presents this year. I would like some silence instead.

  1. How to establish dominance

You’ll never forget me if you find tiny sparkles all over your house for the next year.

14.  Admitting your defeat

holiday meme

That’s enough LEDs and electricity usage to cover half the block.

15. Add a dinosaur

No, no, I didn’t screw up the gingerbread house. The kids needed to learn about paleontology.

16. When one goes out, they all go out

Their commitment is annoying, but on point.

17. One snowflake falls

holiday meme

A timeless Christmas classic.

18. He sees you when you’re sleeping

And by the looks of it, that’s not all he sees.

19. What happened to all the cookies?

Fine, it was him. But can you blame him?

20. Every mom on Christmas morning.

Pretend to be shocked. Moms deserve a win this year.

21. Front of the tree vs. back of the tree

holiday meme

Only the wall is going to see it anyway.

22. P.O.P.D

Guilty. Distribute the ornaments *evenly*, or suffer the consequences.

23. Ye Shall Return Home

Ah yes..ye old turn off, wait 30 seconds and turn back on again. 

24. Cookie Bae 

holiday meme

I am the sprinkle master

25. Christmas now vs. then

Socks would be amazing, quite frankly.