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Top 10 military TikToks of the week

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If there’s one social media platform that deserves to stick around forever, it’s TikTok. It’s the site that just keeps on giving. Whether you lose hours on there already or you’re just dipping your toe in the sand, there’s plenty to discover and uncover. Luckily, we make it easier for you to find great content creators to connect with each week. Check out this week’s roundup of amazing military videos that showcase our military at work (or not, depending).

Is this the future?

Melody is Kinda Catchy, NGL

That Fresh Air Feeling

The Precision!


When we say “all it takes is practice” we mean it! Reace wants to remind you to stick with it, and keep working hard!? #military #exhibition #drill

♬ original sound – NBA and AFL Edits

Dang. This Guy HELD OUT

That Last Guy, Though

We Also Want to Know Who Their DS Was

Talk About Bad Ass


Training for the U.S. Marines ? @chito_thedog #marines #training

♬ original sound – speblack

Motor Pool Duty Just Got Real

Always Composed, Even if No One is Watching

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