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5 tips about fitness from world class martial artists

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U.S. Coast Guard photo by Petty Officer 2nd Class Jetta H. Disco.

Health goes hand in hand with fitness; therefore, keeping in shape is crucial. Paying attention to your well-being should not be a recourse but a prime concern. Furthermore, being physically fit greatly contributes to mental health, performance in school, at work and improves mood by enhancing the production of happy hormones. Today, everyone strives to achieve better health and become more fit. There is no exhilarating method of maintaining fitness other than taking advice from world-class martial artists.

You get what you put in

It is obvious that you can only benefit from a certain thing when you actually practice it. There is no way you can become fit if you do not engage in any fitness practices in your daily routine. Martial arts has several benefits, and according to Sagetdao, a renowned martial artist from all over the world, its benefits are endless. 

Many are surprised by the many benefits obtained by a single activity. The most known benefit of martial arts is the body fitness that accompanies it. But the hidden benefits are even more and only realized by those who embrace it. Other than improving an individual’s character, martial arts help to improve leadership skills, enhance emotional development, boost confidence and consistency. These are just a facet of the few benefits you can reap from martial arts.

(U.S. Marine Corps photo by MCIPAC Combat Camera Lance Cpl. Juan C. Bustos)

Physical exercises lengthen your life

This is a tip or rather revelation by the famous Muay Thai fighter, Penek Sitnumnoi, known for his skills and character. According to him, the secret to improving life quality lies with physical exercise and ignoring this only shortens life. He also advised those who wanted better life quality to not only focus on physical exercises but also what they consume. So, even if you engage in major physical activities, the results may not be seen if your diet is unhealthy. A good diet ensures proper blood circulation, ensures muscles are in good shape, and keeps the body young. 

Mental health is just as important

Jucimar Eller, a Brazilian martial artist holding a black belt, has impacted many lives with his words of wisdom. Mental health has only been normalized recently, and that is a good thing. He advises people to consider the mind as they do with physical health. Stimulating the human brain often leads to better concentration and improved performance. He also says that people often forget about the mind, which is always suffocated with external noise. 

(U.S. Navy Photo by Mass Communication Specialist Seaman Veronica Mammina/Released)

Have fun while training

Dejdamrong Sor, a world legend, once said that taking martial arts should be fun. He says how much he enjoys the activity and probably why he has many awards in the field. According to Sor, the secret to reaping the benefits of martial arts is having fun during the process. Additionally, sticking to good habits is important. When you enjoy doing anything, not only martial arts, you view it as a hobby rather than a chore. 

Get some rest

While most of us might take resting for granted, it contributes greatly to our fitness. Overworking the body only leads to uneventful occurrences, which applies to work, school, and even physical activities. After a long day of working, ensure rest to rejuvenate your body. These are wise words from Chrimm Sha, a famous martial artist who boasts 20 years of experience in the field. He also advises his martial arts students to consume enough water for hydration. Martial arts can be quite intense; therefore, rest and hydration must be included in priorities.