High-end gifts to impress your veteran this holiday season

Updated onDec 8, 2022 9:04 PM PST
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high-end gifts montana knife company

Montana Knife Company photo.


Everyone is going to tell you about the best gifts under $100 to buy. Trash that list. Buy high-end gifts…

Everyone is going to tell you about the best gifts under $100 to buy. Trash that list. Buy high-end gifts this year that impress.

Here are some high-end gifts to impress your veteran this holiday season:

Montana Knife Company has some great blades. They are often “sold out” and you need to watch your Instagram feed to see when the next drop is. We recommend the SpeedGoat ($250) or their new MKC Culinary Set ($1325) which comes in a handmade Bison Leather Knife Roll.

(Photo from MKC website)

Staccato has some serious pistols. The new Staccato CS ($2499) is their latest addition and phenomenal for everyday carry options. Staccato is made in Georgetown, Texas, and the engineering and accuracy are true to its Texas heritage. Carrying this beautiful piece will impress any would be robber.

(Photo from Staccato website)

A Montblanc pen is one of the finest writing instruments you can buy. When you pull this pen out of your pocket to cross off the items on your grocery list, people will part, and you’ll get to the front of any line. The distinctive design on the top immediately draws attention. We chose the Meisterstück Classique which is a ballpoint pen in a black and silver color ($455).

(Photo from Montblanc website)

It’s hard to pronounce, we know, but Kifaru is a pack that you’ll keep forever. The Urban Ruck 2.0 ($414) is a fantastic Day Pack that has numerous uses. My G2 Day Pack from 2011 is still a daily carry bag and I wouldn’t trade it for the world. We love the multicam color and it keeps you rockin’ the Bro Vet stigma.

(Photo from Kifaru website)

A lot of quality products are made in Montana and Mack Belts is no exception. Veteran-owned and made from veg-tanned, full-grain saddle leather, the Bridger Belt ($150) will get noticed as you stroll into the bar.

(Photo from Mack Belts website)

A classic piece of original art is sure to impress when you have guests over or are on a Zoom call. Black Canvas LLC was started by Invader Girl and her artwork is powerful. When you checkout her website you’ll see the depth and raw emotion. "The Hell that Consumed Me" ($450) is a 20x24 inch canvas piece and will shine bright in any home or office.

(Photo from Invader Girl website)

One of this writer’s favorite and will make you look good at an archery event or the Tactical games, is a pair of Crye Precision pants. The G3 Combat Pant ($273.90) is aggressively cut for maximum mobility and the different multicam patterns add to the “cool guy” factor. I have two pair from a deployment in 2011 to southern Afghanistan and they still feel like Egyptian cotton. The durability is top notch.

(Photo from Crye Precision website)

Last, but not least, is the gift you will appreciate when summer comes around: Sorinex Home Gym. There are options for massive home gyms like Joe Rogan has from Sorinex or simpler racks (OFF Grid Rack is $629, plus bar and weights extra). The quality and Made-in-the-USA factor, coupled with tagging them on Instagram when you are cranking it out at home make it work.

(Photo from Sorinex website)

The great thing about these high-end gifts is they will last a long time and each company stands behind their work and we know you’ll appreciate the quality. Whether you are buying for someone else or yourself, we hope you enjoy!


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