(Most of our memes this week came straight from Facebook, so thanks to everyone who shares on social media.)

1. E4 mafia? They can disappear faster than a Predator.

E4 mafia runs the Army – except when there is a detail. Then they run from the Army.

2. You know there's at least one sergeant warning everyone about sunburn. (via Military Memes)

"I have sunscreen if anyone needs some."

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3. Inspections are done every 6 months, typically unannounced. (via Military Memes)

I like to think Goose is in the back, taking pictures of everyone they fly close to.

 4. I'm a sniper, but I'm cross-trained in other sorts of bad*ssery. (via Military Memes)

"They're going to overrun our position!" I yelled. "Doubt it," he said, removing the minigun from his back.

5. The Air Force is shocked to see that many planes in such a small place. (via Military Memes)

The soldiers are jealous because they could only pack two duffel bags and the sailors got to bring their floating fortress.

6. Pilots are jocks. They don't have much time for that book learnin'. (via Military Memes)

Surprisingly, the mechanics are the nerds.

7. This airman is here to get sh*t done.

Mostly folding towels, but GETS. IT. DONE.

8. Study hard, be prepared, then Christmas tree it. (via Sh-t My LPO Says)

Why so many pencils? "My primary will be in my hand, the quick backup is on the desk, and in case things get hairy, I'll have a third perched behind my ear."

9. There are a lot of ways to assess your branch of service. (via Military Memes)

Air Force rarely uses how tough their basic is.

10. Gunner's mate chief is about to fire his button. (via Sh-t My LPO Says)

At that tension, release velocity is about 450 meters per second.

11. Best way to compare civilian and military experiences.

Of course, when the DI walks in, your heart doesn't drop so much as stop. Which is good, because he can find you when it's beating.

 12. "I just want it to frame my face." (via Military Memes)

"I just want the DI to stop looking at me."

13. "Here, a school of sharks sight easy prey." (via Military Memes)

"The prey, already too tired to flee, will certainly be consumed by the sharks."

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