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16 best military memes of the week to laugh at while waiting for liberty call

Hurry up and wait with these 17 Best military memes of the week to laugh at while waiting for liberty call.
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crayon meme

Hurry up and wait is probably the most common, unwanted byproduct of the military. Some take a moment to phone home or take a nap. Others decide to PT, which I consider psychopathic behavior, but I digress. The most useful advice I received was to “get comfortable” and suddenly things start moving. Honestly, I’ve applied and parroted that advice every time I run into a hurry-up-and-wait situation. It’s true. It works. It does make time go faster. Every time a group of more than three lance corporals take a nap, somewhere, a 1st SGT pops a blood vessel. The trucks are coming, eventually. So smash open an MRE, smoke ’em if you got ’em, and laugh at our list of funny military memes for the week.

Here are 16 funny military memes of the week to laugh at while waiting for liberty call

blowing smoke simpsons

Marines always know the right thing to say when dishing out some discipline.

military memes

You can tell they’re Marines because flash bangs because they want the enemy to be alive when put some 5.56mm of freedom into them.

marines eating crayons joke

Recruiters are getting real creative with their lead-generation process.

dd-214 funny

If you’re able to take your first month off before starting work or education, do it. It’s essential to decompress the stress that’s been built up for years. Life does not get easier; you get tougher. You got this!

boot officer military memes

This is why the platoon Sergeant doesn’t leave the Sir with you, alone, in the field, with you animals.

commandant ribbons

If it was, it wouldn’t be touching the Jump Wings at the top.

sgtmaj parking spot

Assigned. Parking. Is. Not. Enforceable.

airmen training military memes

This is why we can’t have white space training and S3 Ops has to micromanage training by put things on a stupid calendar. Just do your job, corporal.

pilot math

To be fair, flying is hard.

useless emails military memes

Who even reads that?

fod meme


pilot retention problem

“I think he makes a good poi-“

young military auto loan

Same stuff, different branch.

awards paperwork military memes

When he gets to the bottom it’ll also tell him to re-enlist.

pcs military memes

Marine’s playing the world’s smallest violin from Lejeune.

power military memes

“According to chapter 3, section 3.4.2., figure 3.7 says you can pound sand TSGT.”