Best military memes of the week to laugh at while waiting at the PX

Ruddy Cano
Sep 15, 2023 3:56 AM PDT
2 minute read
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Need a laugh? Here are the best military memes of the week to laugh at while waiting at the PX.

Marine Infantrymen are very proud of their MOS to the point where the absurd levels of motivation are a coping mechanism to any and all BS after a long period of time. It's always fun to mess with the new lieutenant, probably more so than the average boot. Yet, new officers are criticized for their degrees, quietly, on the enlisted side. In the long run it does not matter but it is pretty funny when your new lieutenant tries to be tough but we know he has a degree in English. It humbly reminds us that even educated Marines still eat crayons.

Here are the best military memes of the week to laugh at while waiting at the PX

Show me an officer that was born with shinnies on and someone will still find a way to call him a boot and make fun of his degree.

*Light saber sounds*

Nah, nah. No. You wanted to get promoted to SNCO and get a higher billet. Now cough and sign off on that paperwork!

You could do both by joining the Army and say you almost joined the Marines. Bonus points if you say that to a Marine and then end it with "-its the same thing, really."

Marines like to mess with nature until nature hits you back with an act of Congress.

You know, we really should be appreciating peacetime. At least everyone comes home from deployment during the lull in the fight. The next war will come, no need to rush it or ask for it. You get to focus on your career or what you'll do out of it. The only thing that grinds my gears is boot NCOs walking around with no deployment ribbons acting tough. Don't be a wienie. Train without the chip on the shoulder.

Y'all just wearing whatever you want and none of the other branches know enough about guardians to collect your spacemen uniforms.

Isn't that part of the fun?

Smells like the squad bay and aftershave. This meme made me nauseous.

That's a lot of damage!

When saving face is more important than self-preservation.

It must be some sort of Naval black magic we're too Marine to understand.

Don't die was always a requirement.

Marines: I wanted to join the Army but I like actually working out.


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