Best military memes of the week to laugh at waiting for field day inspection

Ruddy Cano
Sep 5, 2023 7:13 AM PDT
2 minute read
29 palms meme


Here are the best military memes of the week to laugh at while waiting for field day inspection.

Field day inspection was always a bittersweet event. On one hand, libo is about to be announced and hopefully, there is nothing else to do during the day. Formation at noon? Roger that! However, you most likely spent the prior evening cleaning your room or inspecting the rooms of your junior enlisted. The inspection, before the inspection, before the actual inspection. At this point, you're in your best uniform of the day, the room is spotless, and getting off base before the other units is going to be a fight. Everybody is on their phones looking at this week's best military memes, anticipating a distant 'Attention on deck!'

Here are the best military memes of the week to laugh at while waiting for field day inspection

Tell me you were in during OIF/OEF without telling me you were in during the Surge.

Everyone in the history of the Corps has unanimously agreed that: One, no one ever acknowledges their best friend by their rank. Two, no one will ever call their best friend Sir or Ma'am or salute them. In the case of both, may also leak an embarrassing boot story to humble them.

Garnish with deadly animals and a tortoise.

You made a fatal flaw of getting comfortable.

Nah, nah. You made your bed, now sleep in it.

It's not the military without a little gatekeeping!

Leadership: There's only room for one bad bag in this bay. Want skates? Climb these rockers and get them.
Marine: *Promoted*
Leadership: ...

Happens to us all.

I've heard stories of troops who also take a deuce while they're in there for maximum shenanigans.

I'm not saying pilots should have less, I'm saying the others should have more.

It's true in civilian too.

At this point, were you even surprised?


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