Best military memes of the week to laugh at while waiting for formation

Ruddy Cano
Jun 30, 2023 9:56 AM PDT
2 minute read


“The beating will continue until morale improves.” Here are the best military memes to laugh at while waiting for formation.

"The beating will continue until morale improves." Every branch has their version of the good ol' 'bait and switch' to keep morale high. Don't get me wrong, there were some awesome moments in my Marine Corps career. There were some not-so-good ones too but we can suck it up. It's the lying that really makes it challenging. Just tell us, Gunny, be a straight shooter. There are no trucks, are there? There never was any libo, either. The CO forgot to approve all of our leave. That is why we're going to the field on a 'surprise' training evolution. What can we do but laugh through the pain? Just don't drop your pack too far away from your EAS date.

Mission accomplishment, troop welfare always. 'Rah.

Boot NCO: I got NJP and promoted. I have become stronger than any boot and IDGAF.

Ah, yes. That feels better now. Thank you.

I don't see how anyone can fail the rifle range with an ACOG. You can literally see your shot placement yourself, note it in your range book, and contest it with the PMI if it's wrong. That's why you keep it filled out and current, to cover your butt.

Flavor text.

It's like the awkward phase for teenage girls.

When the cool NCO keeps getting promoted until he's a staff and forgets he's supposed to screw us over.

Honestly, I pronounced them the same. My favorite crayon flavor is blue.

What are they going to do? Kick him out?

*Blames Space Force satellites*

Just make better commercials and trick recruit some new blood. Works for the Marines.

If you missed the launch you can watch it here:

It's like they can smell the tears and arrive like some sort of food special forces to boost morale. should. You should know. It's common knowledge. You should adapt and overcome. At this moment, it has become apparent that it is critical to your job. Willful ignorance with higher rank is not 'cool'. It's sad. Google it.


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