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You thought 2020 was a dumpster fire? 10 memes to kick off 2021

For months we had been telling ourselves that reaching a new calendar year would mean a new start. A fresh take on the status quo, a supposed stop to the madness. Yet only a few days in *shocker alert* that was proved to not be true. The fantasy was fun while it lasted, but reality proved itself to be very much existent this past week. 

Take a look at some of our favorite memes displaying our crushed dreams and the world’s collective thoughts through these hilariously accurate visuals. 

  1. We doing this over again? 

Perhaps. Though it’s too soon to tell. 

  1. The replacement is here!

Not sure we like the new guy any better. 

  1. This important question

World collectively holds breath. 

  1. This would be funny if it wasn’t happening to us

For real though

  1. When logic wins

Point for Dwight Schrute on this one. 

  1. How long until the next year?

*Sighs. Counts months in head*

  1. Time to call the credit card company and stop them at the source

“Unsubscribe; mark as spam”

  1. Something we can all relate to:

But like Alex, our crazy isn’t done. 

  1. If this isn’t the truth

Time to be original, 2021.

  1. Finally, this thought that we’ve all had for a week straight.

What’s your point? 

Thankfully, the Internet has provided us with the amazingness that are memes so we can laugh about even the tough thoughts. As the tough blows keep coming, we can head to this happy place and giggle with the best jokes brought to life. 

Here’s hoping that January gets better. Cheers!