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Transition advice from a top tier special operations veteran

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In this episode of the We Are The Mighty podcast Army special operations veteran and subject of “That Which I Love Destroys Me” documentary Tyler Grey shares his experience and wisdom for transitioning out of the military. Grey left the military at the height of his career due to injuries he sustained while serving in Iraq. Today, Grey spends his time as a technical advisor in Hollywood and mentoring veterans. Recently, he worked on the set of the DC Comics supervillain movie “Suicide Squad.”

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Grey’s advice is valuable for any transition, not just the military. Whether you’re switching careers, going through a rough personal patch, or approaching the next chapter in your life, these words of wisdom will prepare you for those trying moments.

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Selected links and show notes from the episode

  • [01:45] That Which I Love Destroys Me.
  • [09:25] Military conditioning.
  • [11:10] Grey’s background.
  • [12:30] Grey’s current work in film.
  • [17:50] Military veterans in Hollywood.
  • [21:15] Grey talks about being the only Army veteran among Navy SEALs in the film industry.
  • [26:40] Navy SEALs in the spotlight and why they are so popular as a brand.
  • [30:40] Military to civilian transition.
  • [38:30] The reason Grey left out of the military.
  • [42:10] Grey’s experience overcoming difficulty and advice for a successful transition.
  • Coming back after a (War) injury, GoRuck News

“That Which I Love Destroys Me” movie trailer featuring Tyler Grey

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