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Best military memes of the week to laugh at before morning PT

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A meme about a soldier dreaming about his APR

Fall is my favorite season to run because of the scenery and the temperature is more manageable. You’re going to get hot, that’s part of working out, but in autumn, it’s that perfect balance between not needing warming layers or just throwing on a hoodie. The afternoons are warm, and the nights are crisp or you may get a bit of early snow. Regardless of what kind of morning it is, you can laugh at our list of best memes of the week as the rest of the platoon trickles in from the fog.

Oh, look. We have a freaking comedian over here.

First is the stick, then is the sword fight. Lastly, comes jousting with office chairs too.

Back in the slammer you go!

“Now tell him that he’s going to get his own government vehicle!”

Ah, yes. So much debt that risking life and limb is preferable to it.

This is what your E5’s and the company guns look like when asked about putting an E3 on a meritorious board.

The trick is to not think about it. Try not to think that we as a species could end the world before we realized what happened. Don’t think about that. At all.

Oldie but goodie. I always get a kick out of the variations of literal depictions of aircraft and weapon systems.

Not again!

It’s nightshift so the office looks like WWII campsite.

He gets to spend the majority of his time with you instead of his loved ones. I don’t know why he’s always mad.

This is why crazy company gunnery sergeants walk around with a master key doing a random inspection. At least give off the perception you’re working on something and not straight racking out.

“Ground every plane in America.”

You earned it! Now go talk to someone and keep them hostage in a conversation.

You wanted more light, shut up.

Gorillas sure seem to know a lot of OPSEC lately…

But what did the fox say?

You give that man a waiver and he will still be preaching about the evils of the empire Marine Corps Order.

Why would they know of something they’ve never experienced, Bobby?