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Living HERstory: Affirmations inspired by women heroes of our past

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We all have heard the saying, ‘Empowered women, empower women.’ Many of us in the veteran space are seeing the manifestation of this mantra.  Women veterans are collaborating, celebrating and building a community to empower one another and those to come after us.

As Women’s History Month comes to a close, we pause to reflect on the legacy of women who have valiantly served this country. Two things women veterans should know: our history and our worth.  

We do that by remembering the women who paved the way, knowing what they accomplished and applying it into our hearts and minds.  Ladies, we have a brilliant, vibrant and strong foundation to emulate in our own stories.  We need to dig deeper past the traumas, setbacks and disappointments to see our worth.  

When we speak positively of ourselves, we discover our worth and we declare who we are. We are then empowered, so we can empower other women. Each of us has to make the choice to overcome, heal and thrive—so we too can leave our mark.

Here is a compilation of self-affirmations created from women military service women who left their mark on the world.  Affirmations are statements and positive reminders to motivate oneself or others.  Subconsciously one begins to believe a new truth of oneself in the world.  

Affirmations are key to helping one achieve goals, a healthy practice of positive thinking and establishing a growth mindset. Here are five incredible women of yesteryear with modern day affirmations to help you, sweet sister, reclaim your worth and smash your goals.

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Kerri Jeter is the founder of Freedom Sisters Media, a place for content, connection and community for women beyond the uniform. She served in the Army for 12 years, exiting as a senior captain. www.freedomsisters.com