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‘Ten Weeks’ Episode 6: The Anvil

Shannon Corbeil Avatar

The United States Army gave We Are The Mighty unprecedented access to Army Basic Training. Fondly known as “boot camp” to those who have survived, basic training is the first thing recruits will experience when they enlist. The ten-week program carries recruits through three increasingly difficult phases and covers everything from dress and appearance, physical fitness, Chemical Radioactive Biological and Nuclear (CBRN) readiness, to weapons training.

In Week Six, recruits must simulate real-world combat environments and step up their weapons training. 

Oller managed to qualify using a scope the first time and he’s elated — but The Anvil is next. 

The Anvil Field Training Exercise builds squad tactics, medical training events, and CBRN (Chemical Biological Radioactive Nuclear) attacks. They take simulated fire, tear gas, and grenades as they move through their area of operations. 

One recruit, Carpenter, started to lose her sh** when they were told to dig grenade trenches…then then fill them in a move to a new location. Her battle buddy observed that Carpenter is going to have to learn to roll with the punches…and every veteran at home laughed.

Next up, the recruits learn Land Navigation and get lost as they struggle to define their leader. Little do they know, they’re about to head into The Forge…