Why Homelander from the TV show is preferable to the one in the comic

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Homelander is a fascinating supervillain in the comic book series known as The Boy and one of the most compelling…

Homelander is a fascinating supervillain in the comic book series known as The Boy and one of the most compelling superheroes on television at the moment. Amazon’s show was adapted from the original comic book world and has received more love than the actual comic book because of the notable changes. Homelander is perceived as a psychologically unstable hero, making him a dangerous superhuman. He is the perfect example of what would happen if Superman went rogue. Homelander has new relationships in the show, diverging his story from the comics and leading to many other changes in the whole series. Obligatory spoiler warning if you have not caught up on the series.

Why Homelander from the TV show is preferable to the one in the comic

Homelander, as depicted in both the comic book and television series. (Wikipedia)

His powers

The character Homelander is an adaptation from the comic books and in both, he has powers and abilities. Some of the powers and abilities both in the comic books and the television show include invulnerability, ability to fly, super strength, x-ray vision, laser vision, and super hearing. His unmatched powers and abilities make him the most powerful superhero in the show and his power is in many ways stronger than he knows.

His background story

The origin of Homelander is the same in both the comic books and the show. His abilities and powers were a result of Vought-American’s experiments on compound V. However, there are some major differences in how Homelander was brought up. The show depicts his relationship with Jonah Vogel Baum, the doctor responsible for his creation. In the comic book, Homelander is an alien who crash-landed on earth. His story is almost similar to that of superman.

The mayor

One significant difference between the show and the comics is the Mayor of Baltimore. In the show's first season, Homelander discovers that the mayor knows some information about compound V, the secret chemical used to create him. The mayor tries to use this knowledge as leverage but things don’t go as planned. In response, Homelander destroys the mayor’s plane, killing everyone on board. The comic book does not mention this part as it depicts Homelander as an evil superhero.


Becca Butcher

Becca Butcher’s treatment in the show is not good although marginally better than in the comic books. The comic book states that she was raped and killed by Homelander, making her husband his enemy. Amazon’s show reveals that Becca Butcher is alive and the mother of Homelander’s son. Becca’s fate in the television series seems tougher than in the comic book, although proved otherwise at the end of season two.

Transoceanic Flight 37

This is the most dramatic scene in the first season and it reveals the real depravity of Homelander. The crush is mentioned in the comic books as well but not clearly brought out as in the show. The crash of flight 37 in the show is a typical flight hijacked by terrorists while in the comic books, it is related to the events of 9/11. This is how the name Homelander came to be, notably referencing the Department of Homeland Security.


The most significant difference between the comic book and the television show is Stormfront and so far, it has created the most impact. In the comic book, Stormfront is a man who has no relationship with Homelander but is interested in queen Maeve. The show, however, reveals a torrid love affair between Stormfront and Homelander, a relationship that sets him on a different path from the one in comics. Certainly, the show is set to diverge from this point and new scenes totally different from the show are expected.  This relationship has led to disastrous consequences that have affected Homelander, The Seven and the world at large.

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