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Wreaths Across America is building a flagpole you can see from space

It’s slated to be the world’s tallest flagpole, towering over even the Empire State Building. It will boast the world’s largest American flag – likely the world’s largest flag of any kind – at the size of one-and-a-half football fields. And it’s set to take hold in rural Maine, among the pine trees that produce thousands and thousands of living memorial wreaths each year.

It will be called Flagpole of Freedom, honoring the country’s 24 million veterans. The proposed project was announced by Wreaths Across America, who plans to unveil the project on America’s 250th birthday, July 4, 2026.

The project’s logo. (Image courtesy Twitter)

Among the flag pole will be a museum and observation deck, and a venue that will seat 4,000. Meanwhile, 55 remembrance walls would list the names of every deceased veteran who lost their life while serving their country, from the Revolutionary War to current times. 

Wreaths Across America announced this massive project as their next project, having served veterans and their families since 2007. 

The memorial will be located in Columbia Falls, Maine, the home to WAA’s vast forests of balsam farmland. Ultimately, the Flagpole of Freedom would encompass 2,500 acres; the town was specifically chosen due to recent economic and population decline. 

In addition, the project could create a boon for the area, as it plans to include a village named Old Glory, chock-full of restaurants, shops, additional museums, and a hotel for guests to stay during their visit. In total, it’s slated to create about 8,000 jobs for the area and generate $27 million in annual tax revenue. 

What’s next?

An artist rendition of the proposed Flagpole of Freedom. (Image courtesy Twitter)

If you’re thinking it sounds like a pricey build, you’re right. Phase one of the project is estimated at $1 billion and will be funded by private investors. No announcement has been made as to how much has been raised to-date, or when it should be pulled in. 

However, residents aren’t so sure. There has been much backlash from locals who are worried about such a large operation coming to town. 

Politicians, though, are pushing the project full steam. WAA founder, Morrill Worcester chairs the board, with members like Maine Senator Marianne Moore, Chris Gardner, Washington County Commissioner, and more. There is also support from the American Legion, Maine Tourism Alliance, and Maine State Chamber of Commerce. 

Planning for the park has been taking place for more than a decade, with honoring veterans and uniting citizens at the heart of the plan, Worcester said on his website. 

Looking ahead

If funded, the project will be opened on the country’s 250th birthday – a milestone event, indeed. It also stands to dethrone the world’s tallest flagpole, Jeddah Flagpole, in Saudi Arabia by more than double.   

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