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16 Best military memes of the week to laugh at waiting for chow

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Yes, we’ve all heard the saying that Chow is Continuous. I’m going to let you in on an infantry secret: the chow hall closes. My biggest pet peeve of being an 0311 was not the daily PT. It was missing chow because we would run to the other side of the earth and back. By the time you changed over, chow was closed. My best friend from high school happened to be stationed on the same street, as a cook, and would save food for my squad and I. This was back when OIF and OEF were in full force. He was the only non-grunt that could walk the shortcut through our quad. No, seriously. Our OIF Marines at the time were…very drunk territorial. Alpha Company and Bravo Company would constantly start barracks-wide brawls with each other. Yet, this lone E2, a POG, would walk unimpeded daily where others could not. Feed the grunts. That karma comes around faster than you think it will.

Corpsman: What if he has a cold?
Marine Corps: Put him down. Violently.

Yes but actually, no.

Hey, man. Some of those nerdy-looking dudes turned into some badass warfighters worthy of respect. Not my LT, though. He can pound sand and kick rocks.

“…Motivator, motivator, come on out…”

*Fortunate Son intensifies*

I’ve never seen this test printed in color before. The world is full of wonder.

Just duct tape them to the rack. If you’ve ever NJP’d a troop for a non-crime while in Oki, I hope your VA claims get denied. Blue Falcon.

He really should check if it’s unlocked first, though. Also, if it opens the other way.

I mean, we’re driving at each other. Sort of.

Hey man, that E-3 worked very hard on that powerpoint using terms they have not learned yet.

The drip or nothing.

We did it, Patrick! We saved the city!

That’s because they’re your friends and you would dive on a grenade for them. As you pick up rank you can’t be ‘fun’ and you have to morph into the persona of the rank you hold. More responsibilities and the disconnect with the younger generations grow as time goes on. Society changes without you. The longer you’re in, the lonelier it becomes. Then you’re in a new unit and know no one. The best years are always the first four years. It’s the only time you are allowed to make mistakes and be goofy. Without the boys it’s just…work.

The person who knows EAS’d…5 years ago.

Well, that was fast.

You know what, let’s be environmentally green about this. I’ll just go UA and come back at the date and time we agreed to.