The 13 funniest military memes for the week of April 12th

Eric Milzarski
Apr 29, 2020 3:49 PM PDT
1 minute read
Coast Guard photo


There was a study conducted recently by the CDC and the Delp…

There was a study conducted recently by the CDC and the Delphi Behavioral Health Group that concluded that the U.S. Military beats out literally every other profession in days per year spent drinking. If you roughly equal out the days spent with the total number of troops, that puts us at 130 days on average, compared to the 91 day average for every other profession.

And, I mean, it makes absolute sense. No other profession has a culture around drinking like the military. It's not "drunk like an interior designer" or "drunk like a software developer." Toss a bunch of them into a barracks with nothing to do but drink after a long and stressful day, and you'll see their numbers rise too.

So raise a glass, folks! I'm damn sure we've managed to keep that number one position since 1775 and won't let go of it until the end of time!

(Meme via Coast Guard Memes)
(Meme via Infantry Follow Me)
(Meme via Lost in the Sauce)
(Meme via Disgruntled Vets)
(Meme via United States Veteran's Network)
(Meme via Smokepit Fairytales, meme by Justin Swarb)
(Meme via ASMDSS)
(Meme via Private News Network)
(Meme via Army as F*ck)
(Meme via The Salty Soldier)
(Meme by Pop Smoke)
(Meme via Decelerate Your Life)
(Meme via Air Force amn/nco/snco)


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