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Top 5 necessities to keep on hand when traveling for deployment

Ruddy Cano Avatar
(Mississippi Army National Guard photo by Spc. Benjamin Tomlinson)

Like traveling for a trip or vacation, military men and women need a few necessities to keep them afloat during their service. Getting free time to go shopping is also a problem, hence the need to prepare prior to your journey. While the military service provides its soldiers with necessary equipment such as clothing and ammunition, some of these things cannot be issued.

Zip Ties

It is impossible to predict what will happen during your deployment, but one thing for sure is you will always need zip ties. These come in handy when you need to tie items to pipes and beams and might even help organize electrical appliances. Zip ties are light and small; several can fit in your backpack or even pockets. These accessories have numerous uses as they are versatile. Keeping these on hand can solve some of the issues you will encounter during the expedition.

Velcro Tape

Keeping yourself entertained during a mission is vital for your mental health. If you are someone who loves watching clips or movies after a long day in bed, you will need Velcro tape to mount your personal entertainment device. This adhesive product sticks on smooth surfaces, making it easier to attach it to the wall or ceiling. Velcro tape is versatile as well; therefore, it can serve numerous purposes. While you may not need it in the field to fight off enemies, Velcro tape can ease your life. Not many people are aware of the tape’s usefulness, but you can never go back once you discover this.

Power Strips

Most departments ensure all military personnel is provided with power strips, but you can never claim their ownership. Some people do not think of these appliances as important, but they give you the freedom to use them. Furthermore, you will not get frustrated if you find all the power strips full like most people do. Marines are familiar with these as they often use them to charge their phones and computers on the ship.

Laundry Washbag

There is nothing as annoying as finding your clean clothes mixed with the dirty ones. The clean clothes will probably get a stink from the mixing, and you might end up cleaning them again. If you have experienced such a problem before, you know how important a laundry washbag is. Organized will help you manage your time better, making you a better soldier. Furthermore, the laundry wash bags can be used to store other items in case you run out of space in your backpack.

Energy Shots Packs

USMC photo by Lance Cpl. Heather Johnson

You could go for days without sleep during active missions, especially when dealing with the time-sensitive ones. This means doing everything you can to stay alert, as closing your eyes even for a minute might cost you your life and your troop members’. Energy shots packs will help keep you wide awake and are even better than caffeine options. However, be careful not to frequently consume these energy shots as your body might get used to them. Keep a pack in your back in preparation for those sleepless days and nights.