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This immersive video gives a 360 degree look at World War II combat

The guys over at <a href="https://worldoftanks.com/join/383_13497086210?utm_campaign=us_search_brand_exact&utm_medium=1939&utm_source=wotcpu&sid=SID4p-9v_3_5PCXqRMujfR6BlWJ_QDqWf1YJa4I_T2dIuszN2pDUNM5Jd4NDBCT_I1pkX2Qp4Oe7TrOykdsQJ2WWdWqL…
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The guys over at World of Tanks and Google have made a 360-degree video of a World War II combat reenactment. Of course, World of Tanks made sure there were plenty of tanks in the video.

There are also infantrymen moving through trenches to shoot at the enemy and howitzers firing across the battlefield.

Check it out below. Click and drag the screen with your mouse cursor to look in any direction you like. Try watching it a few times and looking in different angles. We found new stuff our first few times watching it.