Soldier’s tattoo documents the trauma of losing his legs

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Updated onJan 4, 2022
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[brid video=”116494″ player=”7965″ title=”War Ink My Chuck Taylors Are In Heaven”]Noah Bailey was an Army specialist serving as an M2 .50 cal. gunner in an Army scout sniper platoon when the Humvee he was patrolling in was struck by an IED.

While serving as an M2 .50 cal. gunner in an Army scout sniper platoon, Noah Bailey's Humvee was struck by an IED. Now, his tattoo shows that trauma in a new light. 


As with most IEDs, the explosion was part of a complex ambush. Noah's platoon quickly came under fire. Both of Bailey's legs were amputated because of the trauma he sustained.

Bailey went through a dark period after his amputations. In fact, he almost committed suicide. But was before a well-timed phone call saved his life.

See Bailey tell his full story — complete with cool tattoos that put a twist on his experiences — in the video above.

Bailey's story is part of a series presented by We Are The Mighty. War Ink: 11 for 11 features 11 combat veterans from Iraq and Afghanistan. These veterans use tattoos to tell their stories from both on and off the battlefield. So for each week of the next 11 weeks, we're highlighting a different tattooed veteran sharing his or her story.

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Video Credit: Rebecca Murga and Karen Kraft

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