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These are the 5 best Navy bases in the world

You don’t get a say in where you’re stationed, but that doesn’t mean a sailor can’t dream, right? This list includes the top 5 Navy installations in the world, taking into account things like weather, food, nearby activities and what it’s like to live there.

1. Naval Air Station Sigonella

What’s not to love about Italy? Naval Air Station Sigonella is located in Sicily, Italy, a popular travel destination in its own right. Aside from being right on the beautiful Mediterranean Sea, you probably know about this region because of its rich history. Not to mention its Baroque architecture and world-class food. If you get stationed here, prepare for lots of 4-day travel, plenty of enriching experiences and amazing meals. There’s so much to see and do here that your CONUS buddies might be a little jealous. Okay, a lot jealous. Find out more about this installation here.

2. Naval Base Guam

These are the 5 best Navy bases in the world
SANTA RITA, Guam (September 20, 2006) – U.S. Naval Base Guam (NBG) is seen during a fly-by, Sep. 20, 2006. The mission of NBG is to support the U.S. Pacific Fleet and other operating forces from, serviced by, or supplied through Guam; to support the fighters based on Guam or attached to tenant commands; and to support the families of Sailors stationed in Guam. (U.S. Navy official file photo/Released)

Well, it’s not Italy, but Guam has plenty to offer! This remote island in the Philippine Sea is widely known as a tropical paradise. Palm trees, white-sand beaches, and a turquoise sea make it an absolutely stunning location. Plus, there’s plenty of Micronesian culture, history and food. The scuba diving is some of the best in the world and travel opportunities abound. When else can you fly to Australia for a long weekend? Not to mention easy access to Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, Bali, Palau, Japan, Hong Kong… the list goes on. When you’re stationed at Guam, you’ll be living in paradise!

3. Naval Base Pearl Harbor

These are the 5 best Navy bases in the world
Pearl Harbor, Hawaii (June 30, 2004) – Ships from seven participating nations sit pier side at Pearl Harbor, Hawaii, awaiting the start of exercise Rim of the Pacific (RIMPAC) 2004. RIMPAC is the largest international maritime exercise in the waters around the Hawaiian Islands. This years exercise includes seven participating nations; Australia, Canada, Chile, Japan, South Korea, the United Kingdom and the United States. RIMPAC is intended to enhance the tactical proficiency of participating units in a wide array of combined operations at sea, while enhancing stability in the Pacific Rim region. U. S. Navy photo by Photographer’s Mate 2nd Class (NAC) John T. Parker (RELEASED)

Of course, we all know the historical significance of Pearl Harbor. But even for non-history buffs, Naval Base Pearl Harbor, near Honolulu, Hawaii, is a dream location for lovers of the sunny tropics. It’s still part of the U.S., but it counts as an OCONUS assignment. If the gorgeous beaches, world-class surfing, delicious cuisine, and rich history aren’t enough, there’s also the fact that Honolulu is a vibrant city that’s sure to keep you busy. These days, Pearl Harbor is a joint base, meaning you’ll have access to plenty of Air Force amenities and everything you know and love about your Naval installations.

4. Naval Base Coronado

These are the 5 best Navy bases in the world
Coronado Naval Base’s North Island. (Andre Bulber)

Hello, California weather! Coronado is part of the largest aerospace industrial complex in the Navy so there’s no shortage of assignments here. Not to mention the weather in the area is considered some of the best in the world. Outdoor enthusiasts will love the climate and the great options for sand and surf activities. Plus, San Diego means access to world-class shopping, dining, and adventures for everyone! Whether you’re flying solo or PCSing with your family, this is a wonderful duty station. Find out more about this installation here.

5. Naval Air Station Pensacola

These are the 5 best Navy bases in the world
F/A-18E Super Hornets of the US Navy’s Blue Angels conducting a pitchup-break over their home at NAS Pensacola in January 2021.

Florida might not be on your Top 10 list of places to visit but NAS Pensacola has a lot to offer! It’s home to the Navy’s Blue Angel flight demonstration team and fondly considered the “Cradle of Naval Aviation!” NAS Pensacola was even the first site to be designated as an air station way back in 1911. That’s where all Navy and Marine Corps aviators started their training to get their Wings of Gold. If that’s not exciting enough, NAS Pensacola’s gorgeous seaside location with beaches along the Gulf Coast means sand and surf are in your future! Between the schoolhouses and the units embedded at Pensacola, nearly 2000 service members call NAS Pensacola home.

The military serves in plenty of remote and exciting locations all around the world. Who knows, maybe one of these top five installations will be in your future!

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