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This Coast Guardsman saved a Navy base during the Vietnam War

As fires ravaged a U.S. Navy weapons and supply installation in Vietnam one March day in 1968, Lt. j.g. William Carr, USCG, 

Lowe’s invites America to #BuildThanks for veterans and military families

Veterans Day is a national holiday that honors American men and women who have served in the armed forces. Communities across the country recognize their veterans to thank them for…

7 best NBA servicemen of all time

The NBA playoffs are heating up, and you know what that means…

Every on-base basketball court in the country now has some dude who: screams for the ball, dives at your knees, and calls a foul whenever anyone gets near him. He wears brand new…

Uniform guidelines in the military

It’s no surprise that the military has its own set of standards for its soldiers. Everything from behavior to haircuts, to training, to how soldiers dress falls under strict regulation….

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