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These ‘Old Army’ vets don’t get your first aid kit

Today’s soldiers hear a lot about the “Old Army,” when men were men and privates weren’t allowed to speak. Soldiers Magazine got veterans from World War II, Korea, Vietnam, and Desert Storm together to check out a modern first aid kit. The old-timers were impressed by how much gear was in the kit but were confused by some items.

first aid kit
Senior Airman Brandon Jones, 379th Expeditionary Maintenance Squadron and native of Canton, N.C., checks the expiration date on a combat gauze packet in an individual first aid kits at an undisclosed location in Southwest Asia Feb. 14, 2012. After the contents are checked and any necessary parts are replaced, the IFAKs are sealed with a tag and service receipt to show guarantee the IFAK was not tampered with prior to new issue.

Check out their reactions to the modern first aid kit in the video below:

Veterans from World War II, Vietnam, Desert Storm and Korea check out a modern day Improved First Aid Kit used by Soldiers in conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan. (Soldiers Mag)

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