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Kim Jong Un takes weird photo, internet has a field day

A photograph taken in North Korea’s Ryanggang Province last week shows the country’s leader Kim Jong Un giving what appears to be an impromptu ballroom dancing lesson to assorted onlookers. As is their custom, the good people of Reddit’s Photoshop Battles snatched up the image and began working their irreverent magic.

The guy second from the left is just hoping no one notices his hat blew off.

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Here are some highlights:

Supreme Leader solves energy crisis!

Reddit user davepollotart

Lil Kim (banana for scale).

Reddit user Winston_The_Ogre

That’s some serious hover-hand.

Reddit user artunitinc

I don’t think he’s holding that right…

Reddit user akh

Muzzle discipline!

Reddit user juanes3020

Always knew he was full of hot air.

Reddit user wee_froggy

He never even shows up to rehearsal!

Reddit user TAOLIK

It’s always awkward when there’s an odd number of people in class.

Reddit user WetCoastLife

Bye everybody!

Reddit user Joal0503
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