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Why you should plan your Military Family Camp adventure now

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family camping
FamCamp at MacDill Air Force Base.

Camping never goes out of style. And, if you’re tired of hotels or if you find hostels hostile then, FamCamps are just the destination you didn’t know you wanted.

If you’re eyeing the calendar and itching for an adventure, consider vacationing at one of the military’s fine campgrounds or RV parks. Go hiking in the woods, swimming in the lakes, and even fishing in the ocean if you get a hankering for halibut. As you consider your options, why not add these great FamCamps to your list of ideas? They’re all mil-fam friendly!

Here are the reasons you should plan your military Family Camp adventure now

Coming up first is FamCamp at MacDill Air Force Base

If you’re one of the lucky mil fams who calls Florida home, you might be familiar with MacDill’s amazing FamCamp. If you like sunbathing or golfing near the sea, it’s one of the military’s best RV Parks.

And if you’re one of those campers who needs technology, don’t you worry.  Amenities include electricity, water, cable TV, and phone service.

Sounds up your alley, right? Well, if so, you better plan ahead. This particular FamCamp is so popular that campers book up to a year in advance. Trust us, though. It’s worth it.

MacDill Air Force Base military family camp
Photo courtesy of MacDill Air Force Base FamCamp.

Next is Eagle Hammock RV Park

Navy families might be scratching their heads at a Georgian Navy installation, but trust us, this exists! Located at the Naval Submarine Base at Kings Bay, this park is quite the Georgia Peach. It’s won numerous awards and has been dubbed the east coast’s premier military campground by camping aficionados. Strike out at the bowling center or lie on the beach and listen as the seagulls sing you a tune. Don’t feed them though. They can be aggressive, those seagulls.

Now, let’s talk about Davis Monthan Air Force Base FamCamp

If you’d rather spend your vacation in the wild, wild west, check out this FamCamp in Arizona. Take a refreshing dip in one of the sites swimming pools to get a break from that oppressive desert heat. If you want to learn how the west was won, you can see that movie at the onsite movie theater. Okay, that film may not be showing. It did come out in the 60s, after all. Maybe if you say it’s your birthday, they’ll pull it from the archives. 

We should also mention …

Peregine Pines FamCamp

If you’ve got a pooch, this site may be your best bet. This pet-friendly paradise will allow man’s (and woman’s) best friend to tag along for both short and extended stays. So take Fido on a hike through the woods if you dare. He’s been a good boy. He deserves it.

Seal Beach Military RV Park

Anyone who calls California home already knows there’s tons to see and do. And since the state is home to several military installations, it’s easy to feel right at home! Some say the west coast is the best coast. If you share that sentiment, don’t miss out on this great vacation spot in southern California. It’s smack dab in between a beach and a wildlife reserve, so you can hang ten then go see the antelope graze. And yes, it’s likely you’ll spot some actual seals on the actual beach. In this case, the place is definitely named for a reason!

Looking for more great mil fam trip ideas? Check out this roundup of the best installations for history buffs or this listicle of the top aviation museums in America. Or check out the complete list of FamCamps here.